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Campervan Hire

Campervan hire is  a great idea if you are considering buying a campervan but you want to test out a specific models with specific features. 

You can enjoy luxury accommodation on the road, while you decide on a model to buy. Our experienced team are more than willing to recommend a specific model according to your needs and budget. We have almost 40 years' experience with campervans and can help you with any questions you may have.

When it comes to campervan hire, you need to choose a vehicle that will suit your specific needs. 

These mobile units are a great addition to anyone looking to enjoy luxury on the road. This is why you should choose a campervan that is not only reliable, but one that has all the accessories you need.

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We can also fit a range of campervan accessories to personalise your vehicle. We offer affordable accessories, expert sales advice, and a fully equipped workshop for any campervan repairs. 

Once you've enjoyed a specific campervan, you can consider speaking to our sales team about a specific unit to buy. 

MotorRover specialises in campervan hire in Birmingham. We are a family owned business with almost 40 years experience in the industry. 

We know that you want to enjoy your campervan in absolute luxury, which is why we offer different options for your personal needs.

For more information about our campervan hire, phone us on 01865 794737.